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Choosing your Cosmetic Surgeon

You wouldn’t let just anyone repair a burst appendix, do a heart transplant, or operate on your brain; don’t let just anyone be your cosmetic surgeon either. Although a nose job or tummy tuck may be a bit less complicated than brain surgery, it is still surgery and there still is the very real possibility that you could die on the operating table. You can be rest assured that this is very rare, but it is much more likely if you don’t work with a complete professional. More common are botched surgeries where you come out looking worse than when you went it. The bottom line is that you are paying a lot of money and putting your health in the hands of a stranger. It is important to take some time to pick the right person for the job.

Before you even begin to think about scheduling consultations, you should visit surgeons’ websites and talk to other patients. If you know friends who have had surgery by a certain doctor, ask what was good and what was bad about the process with that particular doctor. A website can give you a doctor’s bio as well as before and after shots. You should narrow down your list to three or four people who are highly qualified, with top choices, a second pick, and one or two to be left on your list in case your first two choices do not work out.

Next, you should ask for a consultation. Almost all doctors charge a consultation fee of around $100, but most only ask for this single fee even if you come back with more questions later. If you use that doctor, some apply the consultation fee to the total fee of the procedure. Every doctor is different.

Even if you love the first doctor you visit, you should ask for a second opinion, especially if you’ve never had plastic surgery before. Plastic surgeons are like artists, and each will try to give you the look you want. You may think you love the first doctor…until you see someone else’s ideas! If your top two choices are highly qualified, you can avoid more consultation fees by choosing between them. If neither suits your needs, you can see more doctors. Remember; don’t settle for a doctor unless he or she is exactly what you want. You have to live with how you look after the surgery, so choose the perfect doctor to avoid anything going wrong with the process.

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